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All of my testimonials are taken from my LinkedIn Profile, this means that they are not made up reviews written by me on my own website.

Transparency in trading is sorely lacking and it's about time you read reviews that are actually real.

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Jack Birkby Trust Director at Brocky's Trust January 22, 2018, Jack was a client of Paul’s

I've just completed Paul's brilliant Supply & Demand trading course and I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in trading the financial markets. 

I'd looked at a number of different trading educators over the last 3 years and after completing several courses I always felt there was something missing. There is no such feeling after working with Paul and focusing on the institutional levels of supply and demand. His course and trading approach is easy to understand and changes your whole outlook on how trading is performed at the top level. 

Paul has a tonne of experience as a professional trader with his honesty and the conviction in what he teaches a massive benefit to the course. If that wasn't enough, he's a top bloke as well and it's been great working with him over the past few months. 

For anybody serious about learning to trade the financial markets, look no further than Paul. 


Mclain Swift President January 15, 2018, Mclain was a client of Paul’s

I struggled with trading for a few years, never being able to figure out how to be consistently profitable. So many methods, indicators, etc. and they all work sometimes and fail other times - no rhyme or reason to any of them. Basically all these systems and strategies use past data in the form of candlestick charts in attempt to predict future movements. 

Movements of what I started to think. Well, movements of price, obviously. I then started to focus on price and abandoned goofy indicators. I stumbled upon the idea of supply and demand trading and things started to click. However, all I could find were people trading on short term “supply and demand” areas and again these seemed all but arbitrary and hit and miss at best.

I continued my online research for an answer that made sense and I found a podcast that Paul was giving an interview for. Bam! There was the first time I had ever heard something that made sense when it came to trading and reading the charts. I snooped around on Paul’s LinkedIn page, read all his articles, hopped on over to his website and fired him off an email to get some training.

Let me tell you, what Paul showed me was nothing short of astonishing. I had been looking at the charts all wrong and for the wrong things. Price and price alone is what matters and it’s what we trade and where we trade from. His no nonsense attitude and knowledge of the market was refreshing and eye opening. 

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone struggling to trade with confidence and without a true understanding of how the markets actually work. I am very confident that I can go forward with my trading in a consistent, knowledgeable and profitable manner thanks to the instruction I received from Paul.

Sanjay Mistry Commercial Finance Analyst at Capita December 3, 2017, Sanjay was a client of Paul’s

On the journey of trading for many years, I now feel like I've been looking at things with one eye shut - which has led me down the path of previously using the various of hundreds of indicators in the hope that "this is the one". 

Paul's vast proven track record blows that thinking out the water with effective and simple education, whose approach and support I would highly recommend to anyone being blinded by useless indicators! Thank you Paul!

James Hanson Co-Founder Meir Financial Services October 6, 2017, James was a client of Paul’s

Unfortunately I’ve been told for legal reasons I can’t name people but like many previous clients of Paul’s my trading journey started thanks to a man with a helicopter. Three years later I had decided the problem wasn’t the markets it was me and took to sites like LinkedIn trying to find people who could manage the money I had made running previous businesses. One name I liked the look of was Paul Scott who quickly replied back saying why bother trading for me when he was teaching others to trade like him for themselves. Well being a skeptical man I went away and did my due diligence and I was impressed with what I could see so I eagerly embarked on the course. Now with respect to Paul I won’t talk about the course but I can tell you that as of writing this I have closed out just shy of £10,000 profit on an account worth £50,000. Not bad for a guy that completed the course less than 2 months ago. I’ll always thank Paul for his time spent teaching me and I know one of the reasons I took up his offer was the strength of his LinkedIn profile and the countless reviews so I hope anyone reading this and other reviews finds that same confidence.

James Nicotra Westpac July 31, 2017, James was a client of Paul’s

Pauls insights and knowledge of financial markets is like no other. It was an absolute pleasure discussing and learning how the market works across all financial markets and how the institutional traders play the game. A very capable individual with exemplary market analysis skills who will direct you on the right path.

Adam Reidmoore Fx Trader July 27, 2017, Adam was a client of Paul’s

It's been a pleasure working with Paul and a true eye opener as to how trading is conducted at the top table. If you want to trade like a professional then learn from a professional with Paul's very relaxed and easy to understand approach to trading the markets. Since working with Paul and implementing his trading strategy I have been able to bank +851 pips in just seven weeks and there's no looking back...

Thanks again Paul

Saud Doha Fx analyst June 28, 2017, Saud was a client of Paul’s

I would thoroughly recommend Paul as his approach towards the financial markets provides you with a clear trading plan.

Islam Zanaty Commodity/Equity trader May 23, 2017, Islam was a client of Paul’s

When I first started trading I got overwhelmed by 'useless' information. Indicators that are running behind the price instead of anticipating on the markets behaviour.
Paul took me back to the basics, supply and demand, he showed me first-hand how institutions think and work. Once this becomes clear, you can already start thinking about retiring.

Kam Pooni May 9, 2017, Kam was a client of Paul’s

Simple, effective and common sense approach to trading.Paul cuts thru the plethora of indicators and gives you the real perspective on supply and demand. A real eye opener and a game changer approach.

ADRIAN BUTTRESS Managing Director at PERMAROOF UK LTD March 29, 2017, ADRIAN was a client of Paul’s

I have worked with Paul for over a year on and off and can honestly say he knows his stuff. My trading strategy has been simplified with his consultancy I enrolled on and have never looked back. I could not recommend him enough if you were wanting to learn how the Forex market actually works

Gavin Mayer Director March 1, 2017, Gavin was a client of Paul’s

Hi paul
Thank you for your help your course is the holy grail to trading. I would recommend it to anyone. Its totally different to all the other rubbish I have been taught in the past.
Thanks again Gavin.

Anthony Clark Co-founder of RiverFall Financial Ltd a leader in Values Based Financial Planning. February 28, 2017, Anthony was a client of Paul’s

For a forthright reality check on how the markets really work. Pauls teachings show you how to use this to trade successfully in the markets in a stress free way.

Richard Fowler Managing Director at Total Facilities Management (NE) Limited - Expert Commercial Cleaning & Support Services February 23, 2017, Richard was a client of Paul’s

As somebody new to Forex trading I spent a lot of time researching various strategies which often led me to feel overwhelmed and unsure on the best way to approach the Forex market through ‘analysis paralysis’.

This changed when I spoke to Paul. His honest and open approach has changed my perspective and I now feel like I have the tools to trade the Forex market like a professional. I believe Paul to be a true professional who is helpful, responsive and is 100% committed to ensuring people receive the correct education when it comes to Forex trading.

For the first time, I now have confidence in how to approach the Forex market.

Jon Whitehouse -- February 21, 2017, Jon was a client of Paul’s

If you're wanting to learn how to trade FX then look no further. Paul has taught me how to trade like the banks do, by using support and resistance levels that the banks have been using for years. Why would you trade any other way? My theory is if you can't beat them then join them and trade when they do. Time after time I am amazed that when I put my trades on it bounces off these levels. My only regret is that I did not find Paul and learn how to trade the right way before I started. Thanks Paul. Jon (from nr Shrewsbury).

David Weekes Director at MPL Property February 21, 2017, David was a client of Paul’s

I would like to thank Paul for sharing with me a new perspective on the Forex market and how to look at and understand charts.

His methodology is easy to understand and apply and his knowledge of the markets and what influences them is also very comprehensive, but his highlighting of the really key events is extremely useful.

Although I have not been applying what I learnt with Paul long it is clear that I am making more profit from fewer trades than previously, and I look forward to getting better with practice.

Thanks Paul.

Andi Thornton Operations Manager - Outpatient Services at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust February 18, 2017, Andi was a client of Paul’s

So firstly a warning, the trading teaching that Paul Scott offers may not be for everybody. If you prefer being stressed out with not having a proper trade plan, or perhaps you prefer being a slave to your screen 24/7 in case you miss that tiny move that you know is going to happen but you're not exactly sure why, or maybe you just like sitting in front of your screen guessing which way the market is going to go? If you prefer any of the aforementioned chaotic approaches then what Paul teaches probably isn't for you. 🙂

If you prefer to have a proper trade plan, which includes knowing where the markets are heading, what to expect when they get there and have the ability to set orders well in advance because you have confidence in knowing exactly where the market is going, why and what is going to do then I 110% recommend Paul. He specialises in teaching you how to identify patterns of extreme imbalance where the markets range from one place to another, this goes far beyond support and resistance, this is institutional level supply and demand.

I was sceptical when I began because it all seemed so simple, but do you know what, it is? Forget all of the fundamentals, technicals and every other process you have been told, head and shoulders, harmonics, Fibonacci, this process shows you the real way of trading. Paul himself is a great guy, patient, believe me he has to be training people like me :-), and thoroughly genuine. I've done a lot of courses over the years and I genuinely believe this is the last one I will ever have to do.

If you are thinking about it, don't, just do it! You won't regret it.

Nicholas Cook Global Consultant Relations at BlackRock February 17, 2017, Nicholas was a client of Paul’s

Working with Paul has been really beneficial. Paul has an excellent way of explaining things and passing on his extensive experience and trading skills. He made me see how the market actually works and how the main players actually control what happens. Paul is so accommodating and helps you to understand what can seem like a very complex market.

I have tried some of the many available retail courses before and was extremely frustrated as they were far too complicated (using pointless and incomprehensible terminology) and never actually worked.

On the other hand, Paul’s course is easy to understand and he is extremely patient, which is such a help. His course is very focused and interesting which makes you keen to learn and understand more.

I now feel I have finally got to grips with what the Forex market is all about and look forward to trading with confidence in the future. One of the great things that Paul offers though is further tuition and support to ensure you continue trading successfully. I can thoroughly recommend Paul to anyone who is serious about trading the Forex market.

Peter McCaffrey Property developer February 14, 2017, Peter was a client of Paul’s

If you are seriously thinking of becoming a trader I would strongly recommend that you contact Paul Scott his knowledge in the trading market is excellent .You will receive a far greater understanding of how trading works
Without all the bullshit.What are you waiting for?

Paul Bannister -- February 14, 2017, Paul was a client of Paul’s

I would like write a recommendation on Paul Scott,
My desire to gain more knowledge on trading, lead to the seminar classroom set up. This being my starting point, didn't seem right to what was being suggested and taught. I became more confused, it would have been easy to walk away.
I continued with making more inquires which ultimately lead me to Paul. I found Paul straight talking, to the point in a way that I believed was the right and simplified to being taught how the banks traded and not the retail way.
The setting out of the charts, how to receive alerts to the notifying of placing trades, stop loss and profit targets.
I think the biggest plus point I've learnt from Paul, is how he changed my approach to trading with all it's up's and down's.
Paul's way of trading worked for me.
My only regret is not knowing of Paul earlier, and the wasted time in retail trading.
Paul Bannister

Michael A. Howard EMEA Customer Service/Delivery Executive, Leading Business Excellence & Change Management November 2, 2016, Michael A. was a client of Paul’s

I’ve always had a desire to learn about Forex trading but with no previous knowledge or experience in such a complex subject, the desire was tempered be the fear of losing the little money I had to start my journey as a trader.

Paul has a unique way of making the complex sound simple? He’s a professional in his subject matter with over 20 years’ history of trading to be passed down or shared with novices like myself. He’s easy to understand and takes time during his tutorials allowing trading words, symbols and charts to be easily understood without feeling stupid when needing to ask questions.

There’s a famous saying that a thousand-mile walk starts with a single step – Paul has given me that confidence to stride out on my new journey – Thank you.

Conrad Carter Sales Executive at West Park Graphic Equipment Ltd October 24, 2016, Conrad was a client of Paul’s

Paul has given me a much better understanding of how the markets really work and how the professionals really trade the markets. It has been an eye opener. The days of having my charts filled with numerous indicators and trying to trade every move have long gone. This is a simplistic way to trade the markets and Paul's down to earth and clear approach is a breath of fresh air.
Now I have to put into practise what I have been taught. After many years of frustrations, not to mention a large hole in my bank balance,I am certainly more confident than I ever have been that this time I can be successful.

Giles Brown Final year Marketing student expecting a first class honours degree October 6, 2016, Giles was a client of Paul’s

With very little experience of FX Retail Trading, I undertook Paul's course over the Summer to educate myself on how the markets really inter-relate with each other. My knowledge of Economics I would describe as very intermediate so I felt as if I had some foundation, at least in what Paul would be talking to me about. After reading various horror stories online, I'll admit I initially had my guard up surrounding the whole retail industry, however after talking to Paul on the phone and then over Skype it became obvious that he is very genuine in what he talks to you about. The 10 part course can be described as a 10 stage discussion in my eyes. Very informative, very useful and due to Paul's teaching style, very to the point!
I cannot speak from personal experience in this area about running up huge losses or other poor courses out there etc ... But I can say that the way Paul talks to you regarding the markets is extremely beneficial and has completely changed the way I look at charts on my laptop. I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to get involved in the retail industry and do it successfull

Peter Squire -- September 28, 2016, Peter was a client of Paul’s

Mr. Paul Scott -

Paul Scott is polished, articulate and a good educator. His trading system is easy to understand, needs some effort to set up but once done, is there for all time. Once I thought I understood the system, I put it down on paper, emailed it to Paul who corrected it.

Using a demo account I traded 19 Forex pairs for 9 trading days at the start of September 2016 and drew down a brokers’ statement at the period end; Paul has a copy of this statement. Some of the relevant data from that statement follows:-

No. of pips (net) - 1,130
No. of trades - 35
%’ge of winning trades - 42.9

At the beginning of the trading period, the account was empty. At the end of the period I closed all the open positions. Paul’s trading system should be run on a rolling basis.

When you are well into trading this system and it becomes one of life’s chores, you should be able to complete your daily review and place the 1 to 3 trades you find within a half-hour or less (ideally in the morning).

Paul’s trading system should suit the average person who has an open mind and knowledge of the world economies as they affect the Forex markets.

This review was solicited but has been willingly given. I am mindful of the old adage - “yesterday’s trading results are no indication of tomorrow’s profits!”

Allen Blasdell Photographer at Creative Pixel Photos July 22, 2016, Allen was a client of Paul’s

I've traded, or tried to trade Forex since 2007 with little success. The £3k week long course at a certain "Trading Academy" was useless - I was taught what I had read in a £20 book years before. I've spent hundreds on books, joined forums, joined an Online 3 day trading course where all I saw was the "trader" lose money faster than I could.
At the end of 2015 I quit.....
In May Paul called and I so nearly said "no thanks" - but something sounded different - honest.
So after a 6 month break I thought "one more go" Biy am I glad I did - I always KNEW there was something missing - something no one told me or more likely didn't know themselves. Paul Knows!
It's as it should be - simple.
I have yet to prove beyond doubt that Pauls teachings work - but finally it all makes sense and I truly believe it's now just a matter of doing it.

Tim Wills BA(Hons) CeMAP Estate Agency Sales Manager & Mortgage Adviser July 8, 2016, Tim was a client of Paul’s

I became interested in Forex trading after dabbling in shares, but all my research resulted in finding lots of people talking in way that made no real sense and promoting graphs that resembled the aircraft wiring diagrams I used in the RAF! However, after connecting and chatting with David Pratt I was pointed in the direction of Paul. My initial telephone chat with Paul was about an hour long and everything he said made perfect sense so I undertook his 10 week course.

I started as a complete beginner and Paul has explained the way the Forex world works, why it works that way and who really moves the market. Paul set up my demo account and MT4 and has given me the knowledge to have a good idea of which way a pair will move and when.

In short, I feel that Paul has saved me a lot of wasted time, effort and money. So, if you have Forex problem - call Paul.

Sanjay Solanki Forex Trader / Investor July 4, 2016, Sanjay was a client of Paul’s

My name is Sanjay and I have been trading short-term timeframes for the past few years. Although I have a positive overall result I was trading very high leverage and taking big hits, which resulted in a lot of stress, holding positions for days / weeks for them to turn around.

Through experience I know that the longer timeframes offer better results but I never had the discipline or attitude to trade them. 2 months ago I made contact with Paul via LinkedIn, we emailed and then talked over the phone. Pauls method of explaining things was very simple, very easy to understand (not all the hype you normally hear), Paul explained how large institution’s trade from point to point (and how to identify these point) over a few sessions. Once Paul started to explain this everything became very, very clear – I actually made 10 times of course fee Paul charged within 2 weeks of speaking to Paul.

Today I am trading with Paul’s techniques, my trading is less stressful, I do not need to sit in front of my screen (set alerts on mobile app) and I am actually making money in the markets.

I would recommend anybody interested in making money via trading to speak to Paul, you do not need to sit in front of a screen all day making small pips, I am averaging 400 pips a trade and I am not taking all the trades available.


James Morphett Co Founder at FlightKam July 4, 2016, Paul was James mentor

Paul has taught me a simplistic but effective approach to trading currencies. I have never used indicators and wanted a strategy that would work on the same principle, Paul’s method does just that.

Paul is genuinely a great guy to work with, and his straight forward way of teaching is easy to grasp.

I now need to put it into practice however, I am waiting for things to settle, post the EU referendum.

David Pratt Forex Trader March 24, 2016, David was a client of Paul’s

In June last year I quit my job to pursue a career as a forex trader full time. Since then up until January it had been a very steep learning curve and many sleepless nights questioning my strategies, knowledge and considering if I was way out of my depth or not.

Paul then linked with me on linkedin and we got chatting about the market. During our conversations I was impressed with the fact that his discussions of the market etc were in simple English, logical and he didn't try and sell me anything!

We then got on the subject of education and Paul commented that my understanding was good but I clearly lacked knowledge of what the banks do and also the fundamental details for each country's monetary policy.

Fast forward 2 months and multiple mentoring and education sessions later and my knowledge of the market and how better to trade has increased ten fold.

I no longer feel like a retail trader punting at the market to grab every pip but a professional sniper, ready to execute trades at points where the big boys and banks are also getting involved.

For any retail traders out there, Paul is the man to speak to. You can read all the books and watch all the Youtube videos you like, but a teacher is what we all need. Someone who has done it, knows it and still does it.

To learn anything in life you need instructors and teachers to give you that one on one time.

Happy Trading.