There Is No Substitute For Experience

Paul Scott

Experience is the key and if like me you are of the view that there is no substitute for experience, then when it comes to learning a new skill then you go and seek out a professional that been there, seen it and done it and learn how to do things correctly.

In the world of trading, then that means working with someone such as myself who has worked at the highest level and can bring you experience from the real world.

I have been involved in the financial services industry since 1994, having worked for major institutions on many trading floors in the City of London.

My career in the City saw me work for Credit Lyonnais, Sucden Financial, Societe Generale, Standard Bank and Natixis Commodity Markets.

During my career, I have traded in Non-Ferrous metals on the London Metal Exchange, Precious metals and also Spot Forex.

My experience of how the institutions, trade and behave in the markets will be invaluable to you and help you to finally understand how you should be approaching your trading, the difference that it will make will be invaluable to you as you will see that all financial markets are traded in the same fashion using the simple but very effective Supply and Demand trading technique.

I only offer one trading course, as I believe in quality not quantity and want to teach you to trade as a professional from day one.

I have held a FCA CF30 status since 1998.