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FX, Precious Metals, Base Metals, Oil and Soft Commodities


Personalized Trading Mentorship Program

Trade Wisdom

Gain insights from 30 years of trading to navigate the markets with confidence.

Leave Retail Trading Behind

Hedge Mastery

Learn to profit in any market direction with a simple, proven hedging technique.

Level Trading

Trade with precision at institutional levels, without constant market analysis.

Algo Tested

Use parameters from a back-tested algorithm that turned $10,000 into over $750,000.

My Teaching Ethos

At the heart of my ethos is cutting out all the retail bullshit, you could call it “YouTube Rehab”. With 30 years of experience in Financial Markets and open out cry trading floors, I’ve fine tuned the art of teaching retail traders how to trade from an institutional point of view. I pass on this wisdom through one-on-one mentorship, focusing on strategies that embrace market volatility. The methods are simple yet powerful, proven by a purpose built algorithmʼs success back tested from 2008 to. I want you to leave the retail world behind.


This website was made using AI and it even created bullshit testimonials, which made me laugh.
Please go to my LinkedIn page for real reviews from real people.

The retail trading world is full of bullshit, people who have no real life experience and enough guru’s to last a life time. I’m not a guru, I’m just a bloke that used to work on real trading floors, and has real experience and just happens to enjoy mentoring retail traders.