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Supply And Demand - It's Far Simpler Than You'd Think

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I write this to you with over 20 years of experience of trading  Forex, Non Ferrous and Precious Metals, for some of for some of the world’s biggest Investment Banks and Institutional Brokers. Credit Lyonnais, Sucden Financial, Societe Generale, Standard Bank and Natixis Commodity Markets.  I am here to lift the lid on how trading is really conducted at the highest level, and it's far less complicated than you might think.

It has nothing to do with Chart Patterns, Trend Lines, Indicators, Multiple Time Frames, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci or anything else that you can place on a chart.

The simple fact that the planets commerce is conducted on a Supply and Demand basis should not be over looked when it comes to the financial markets, this simple principle applies to any financial market that you can think of and can even be broken down to an even simpler principle which is cheap or expensive.

When a market's valuation is cheap, you have demand and buyers will enter the market, when a market is expensive you have supply and sellers will enter into the market, it's as simple as that.

So the focus is on price and nothing else, as nothing else matters, the levels that the institutions use to trade today were established way back in the past and nothing has changed, they use the same levels time and time again and do not constantly analyse the markets looking for new price levels or trades, however this is what retail traders are taught to do and it's about time that retail traders stopped trying to chase the ace and actually learn just what it is that the institutions actually do.

Learn how to read and understand charts correctly and what will be unveiled will probably both shock and amaze you. 

Trading Forex Should Be Simple

One thing that you must understand from the outset is that you will have to change your mindset and reprogram your understanding of how the world’s financial markets work. You need to do this because what you have been taught, is WRONG!

You’ve been made to think that trading is complicated, that the markets are very difficult to understand, that all markets are different, that trading stocks and currency’s is a completely different animal, well let me tell you this, its BULLSHIT!!!

All markets work on the simple basis of Supply and Demand which is Cheap or Expensive, which is Wholesale and Retail.

Trading Forex Isn't Complicated When You Know The Rules Of The Game

Playing Monopoly With The Instructions For Chess

Trading Forex isn’t complicated, trading is simple, all markets are traded in the same way by the people who trade them some of the terminology might be slightly different but that's just language, it doesn't change the way the markets are traded.

Institutional traders look at the markets in a totally different way to Retail traders

Think of this scenario you have a bank with several trading desks each focusing on specific markets would it make business sense (or even common sense) to teach them how to only trade one type of financial instrument? What happens when a team of traders quit their jobs to move to another company.

What is the bank going to do in that situation?

Tell their clients that they can't trade in that market?

Just leave the phones ringing?

Close that desk down?

Of course they are not going to any of the above, but what they will do is draft in traders from other desks so that business can continue, but let's just think about this if each desk only trades in a certain way then this scenario can't play out as the incoming trader would find it impossible to do his job.

Now maybe, just maybe let's suppose that they had all been trained to trade in the same way using the simple concept of Supply and Demand then that would mean that all the banks traders would be interchangeable from one desk to another, they may have to learn some new terminology but that's it, they haven't got to learn an entirely different style of trading.

So why are there so many different types of trading taught in the retail market, pure and simply to sell trading courses, to feed the appetites of aspiring traders, who have tonnes of BS rammed down their throat and to be sold a dream that becomes a nightmare.

Institutional traders are no smarter than the average man on the street, but what they do have is a vastly different understanding of what the markets are and how to trade them.

If you have been taught to trade using indicators, chart patterns, trend line and multiple time frames, then you are essentially trying to play Monopoly with the instructions for Chess....It's not going to work. 

Rid Yourself Of Pointless Analysis

Chart Patterns

Let’s look at chart patterns, you will see them all over the place somebody that you follow on LinkedIn/FaceBook/Twitter will post something like “Head and Shoulders pattern complete on the EUR/USD” OK so that’s all well and good, congratulations!!

But here’s the thing, did you know when this pattern began forming? Could you pin point ahead of the time when it would start? NO! 

So if you can only tell me once its completed is there any point in using them as they are always after the fact, again NO as you can’t use that information to trade with because the moment has passed.

So, chart patterns = Pointless and a waste of your precious time.


Now let’s look at indicators, perhaps the biggest single waste of time you can ever come across when trading. Right where do I start here, firstly when you load up your indicators on your charts and you change time frames, what happens? All the information changes, OK so which time frame are you supposed to look at, on which time frame does your indicator show you the correct information? None!!

And let's be really honest here, most people couldn't tell me what an RSI actually measures, let alone what settings it should be on, however retail traders will blindly use this indicator just because somebody told them to. 

The is only one true indicator out there PRICE.


Forex Trading Made Simple

Learn To Read The Charts Correctly

How would you feel to always know where your next trade is going to be?

How would you feel to be able to analyse a chart correctly, to do this only once and to have all your trading levels mapped out for you ahead of the time, essentially meaning you have a chart for life?

Imagine the difference in your trading to be able to look at the right-hand side of your chart, which is normally blank and have each trading level already there?

Trade alongside the Institutions and not against them, let them move the markets for you.

Enhance your odds of being a successful Forex trader by using the same methods that the institutions have been using for decades. 

Places on my course are strictly limited and I have to turn down people who aren’t serious about really learning how to trade, but if you are serious and you want to change your perception of what can be achieved from trading in the Forex market then please message get in touch.

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