Hi there and thank you taking the time to visit my website, let's get straight down to business shall we?

I am writing this to you with over 25 years of experience of trading and the financial markets, I worked for some of the world’s biggest Investment Banks and Institutional Brokers and my reasoning is because my heart goes out to traders in the Retail market because you have been sold a lie.

My mission is to help retail traders such as yourself become professionals and to give you the level of education that you really need to become a success.

Why Do Retail Traders Struggle?

One thing that you must understand from the outset is that you will have to change your mindset and reprogram your understanding of how the world’s financial markets work, you need to do this because what you have been taught, is WRONG, sure you’ve been taught what pips and ticks are, you know what charts and candle sticks are, you understand long and short, but what you don’t realise is that you have had the wool pulled over your eyes and have been sold up the garden path. You’ve been made to think that trading is complicated, that the markets are very difficult to understand, that all markets are different, that trading stocks and currency’s is a completely different animal, well let me tell you this, its BULLSHIT!!!

Trading is Simple

Trading isn’t complicated, trading is simple, all markets are traded in the same way by the people who trade them. I’m not talking about Retail Traders here I mean the Institutions. We look at the markets in a totally different way to Retail traders, we understand what they are, we’re not cleverer than you are, it’s just that we’ve had a different education to you. Our jobs are to make as much money for the institution we work for, and in turn we get taught how to do this and apply it in the market in real time.

We understand that the markets are traded by people, and that people are predictable creatures of habit, we are hardwired to do the same things over and over again. When you apply this to a large group of professional traders, trading in a professional way in a professional market you begin to see that the collective has the power to move markets and they will repeat the same actions again and again. Before you scream Algos think about it, who programmed them, human beings, people and that’s why they also are predictable.

If you knew how simple trading really is then you would understand that what you’ve been taught thus far is so far from the truth that you wouldn’t believe it, trendlines, chart patterns, indicators, multiple time frames are not how the markets function, however due to the nature of the training you have received it is your reality. However it doesn’t have to be like this, because you can learn the truth about the markets and leave the retail way of trading behind you.

I won’t be naming any names here (lawsuits and all that) but if you are a trader in the Retail trading market then you will be able to name any of the companies that you have had the unfortunate pleasure of working with.

“Look at me I trade from my helicopter”

The heck you do, you don’t trade, you just rip people off and teach them crap that will never work and you have the audacity to charge thousands of pounds for the privilege with the dream of being an overnight success and a millionaire by next week.

Sure some people will always believe the hype and those people will always fall foul of the snake oil salesmen, others want to really learn and are livid at the education they have received and I can’t blame them.

I have worked with numerous people who have tried and tried to get these techniques to work, and I’ve kind of been their last chance and I am very grateful that they have approached what I do with an open mind and have taken the time to listen.

Some have been very sceptical due to their past experiences and that is totally understandable but all it takes is some of your time to speak to me in person and talk about the markets in an open and honest fashion, I am a straight shooter and I don’t mince my words, I don’t see the point, I don’t claim to have the holy grail but what I do know is that after 25+ years I know what works and what doesn’t, what I teach is the truth about how the markets really work and how you should trade them.

For me the greatest thing that I can do is to really teach people like you how to really make money from trading, to show you why all the things you think you know about the markets are wrong, but more importantly to show you how to correct your understanding, to write a new chapter in your trading career so that you can enjoy trading, make a living from trading.

I’m not here to be a know it all ass hole, rather I’m just a stand-up guy that’s quite frankly annoyed with the rubbish that people are taught, the amount of money that they have spent, the time that they have wasted chasing a dream because somebody who was unqualified taught them to try and trade in the world’s financial markets without having the first idea themselves.

So let’s break this down and give you some of the facts:

The Institutions trade from Supply and Demand levels that have been established over decades!

Markets are bought and sold in huge amounts on the basis of price, not because some useless indicator tells them to trade.

The Institutions already know what they want to do ahead of time, they already know which prices are cheap and which are expensive so they always know what they want to do before they do it.

The Institutions wait until the prices appear and then they pounce, they do not trade every day, they may perhaps not trade every week, but they know that when the right opportunity comes along they are ready.

The Institutions wait until the commercial side of the business moves the markets to these cheap and expensive prices, they do not pre-empt their trades, they sit on their hands until the time is right.

The Institutions know what really drives markets and they pay attention to these factors.

The truth is that what you need to learn and understand is how to play the game to the same level as the professionals and it doesn’t take much to learn, it’s not rocket science at all.

How would you feel to always know where your next trade is going to be?

How would you feel to be able to analyse a chart correctly, to do this only once and to have all your trading levels mapped out for you ahead of the time, essentially meaning you have a chart for life?

Imagine the difference in your trading to be able to look at the right-hand side of your chart, which is normally blank and have each trading level already there?So, if you would like to know the truth about trading and to really educate yourself then please feel free to get in touch with me.

Places on my course are strictly limited and I have to turn down people who aren’t serious about really learning how to trade, but if you are serious and you want to change your perception of what can be achieved from trading then please message me on LinkedIn, send an email to Paul@PaulScottFX.Com or give me a call on 07764-521-655